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Baking Products

Cake Mixes

Our cake mixes are complete sets of semi-products enabling preparation of various delicious cakes in an easy and fast way. All you need to do is to add some basic ingredients, i.e. eggs, milk, water, oil and put it into the oven. Many sets contain also some kitchen accessories, i.e. paper muffin molds, to make the preparation even simpler. Cake mixes are a guarantee of a culinary success and an ideal solution for those who start their baking adventure or have only little time to spare for cooking.

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Vanilla Muffins with Chocolate Pudding (315 g)

Muffins with Chocolate flakes (280 g)

Brownie Muffins: Caramel with Chocolate (360 g)

Brownie Muffins: Intensive Chocolate (360 g)

Pumpkin Muffins (300 g)

Brownie (550 g)

Tiramisu (420 g)

Fudge Cake (530 g)

Forest Moss Cake (410 g)

Bananata (360 g)

Karpatka Cake (390 g)

WZ Cake (490 g)

Chocolate Cake (670 g)

Yoghurt Cake (640 g)

Gingerbread (680 g)

Yeast Cake (600 g)

Vanilla Muffins (265 g)

Chocolate Muffins (265 g)

Sponge Cake (380 g)

Shortbread (400 g)

Carrot Cake (430 g)

Meringue (260 g)

No Bake Yoghurt Cheesecake (183 g)

No Bake Original Cheesecake (193 g)

Cake Fillings, Toppings & Creams

The heart of our cake fillings is their ideal recipe. Perfect taste and consistency guarantee culinary success. Our products don’t contain any preservatives. After opening they are ready to be used and perfect for baking, desserts, pancakes and other dishes.

Toppings are an ideal finish for every cake. Our toppings are very easy-to-use, all you need is to heat them (in a pan with hot water or in a microwave oven) and pour on the cake. One package is a portion for decorating one medium size cake. Our topping are deprived of hydrogenated fats.

Our creams are unique creams containing real milk cream, coconut oil and natural vanilla. They are distinguished by their smooth and creamy consistency. All you need to do is to add milk and mix it for 3 minutes. The usage occasions are multiple – cakes decorating, filling or interlaying.

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Fruitcake Mix (400 g)

Caramel Cake Filling (460 g)

Hazelnut Cake Filling (460 g)

Cocoa Cake Filling (460 g)

Tiramisu Cake Filling (460 g)

Fruitcake Mix (90 g)

Orange Peel (100 g)

Apple Filling (810 g)

Poppy Seed Filling (850 g)

Chocolate Cake Filling (122 g)

Vanilla Cake Filling (120 g)

Tiramisu Cake Filling (120 g)

Fudge Cake Filling (120 g)

Cream Cake Filling (120 g)

Eggnog Cake Filling (120 g)

Karpatka Original Cake Filling (250 g)

Karpatka Filling in 5 minutes (145 g)

Milk Chocolate Cake Icing (100 g)

Dark Chocolate Cake Icing (100 g)

White Chocolate Cake Icing (100 g)

Whipped Cream (51 g)

Cake Flavourings

Cake flavourings are products enabling to compose an ideal taste and aroma of cakes closed in a handy packaging. The oil base of our flavourings minimize the evaporation process during baking what guarantees better aromatisation effects than in case of water based aromas. One package is sufficient for giving aroma to 2 kg of cake.

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Flavours mix (9 ml)

Cream flavour (9 ml)

Vanilla flavour (9 ml)

Almond flavour (9 ml)

Lemon flavour (9 ml)

Orange flavour (9 ml)

Rum flavour (9 ml)

Arrack flavour (9 ml)

Baking & Cooking Additives

Baking and cooking additives are various products having multiple functions improving the process of food preparation, especially baking. They include flavoured sugars, special seasonings mixes, baking powders and soda. Our baking additives are produced from the best quality ingredients and guarantee best baking and cooking effects.

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Vanillin Sugar (15 g)

Vanillin Sugar (30 g)

Lemon Flavoured Sugar (15 g)

Cinnamon Flavoured Sugar (15 g)

Almond Flavoured Sugar (15 g)

Spice For Cheesecake (15g)

Spice For Apple Pie (15 g)

Instant Yeast (8 g)

Baking Powder (15 g)

Baking Powder (30 g)

Baking Soda BIG PACK (100 g)

Citric Acid (20 g)

Citric Acid (80 g)

Glucose (100 g)

Decorative Sprinkles

Decorada are decorative sprinkles ideal for decorating cakes, cookies, desserts and ice cream. It is also a tasty additive for creams. Decorada can be also used a quick and simple, tasty snack.

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Chocolate Flakes (40 g)

Fruit Flavoured Sprinkle (30 g)

Caramel (30 g)

Coloured Mini Freckles (35 g)

Cereal Balls Coated With Chocolate (30 g)

Chocolate Pieces (40 g)

Cereals Balls Coated with Pink Confectionery (30 g)